Association Mergers: Timing Is Everything

When and how two associations combine in a merger depends a lot on circumstances at the beginning, middle, and end of the transaction. From leadership transitions to board meeting schedules to advocacy needs, here’s how timing often influences the merger process.

Association mergers have proliferated in recent years. The association press reports on one or another regularly. Ever wonder how these complex projects get started, develop momentum, and make it all the way to closing?

There […]

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A Reminder To Comply With Corporate Formalities

Over the next few months, boards and board committees will be making many decisions and taking many actions. It seems like a good time to remind folks about the necessity of following corporate formalities. In a books and record request case decided by the Delaware Supreme Court earlier this year, KT4 Partners LLC v. Palantir Technologies Inc., 203 A.3d 738 (2019), the court ordered the company to turn over emails and other electronic communications relating […]

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Business Law Update – Fall 2019

In structuring strategic transactions, business and legal professionals rightly focus on areas that have the potential to increase transaction costs and result in legacy liabilities, such as product liability, environmental and employment and labor matters. It would be problematic to negotiate a transaction without taking these specific matters into account in the overall transaction as they are likely to significantly impact the valuation, documentation and implementation of the transaction. However, the same level of […]

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